School of Performing Arts Agencies

Although we do not class ourselves as an agency, our teaching staff is composed of professionals and freelancers within the industry and consequently share many contacts.

Therefore, if appropriate opportunities for auditions arise with professional and amateur companies, notices will be issued. 

What is an agency & why are they useful?

  • Agencies are casting directors and producer/directors first port of call on most new projects they are needing to cast.
  • An agency has a lot of contacts that would normally be unattainable due to client’s confidentiality within the industry.
  • Agencies can also help when it comes to negotiating fee’s and dates of jobs as well as arguing any difficulties and problems if they arise. If a client was to refuse payment etc, an agency will represent you legally.
  • An agency is there to make the industry a lot more accessible for the model, within an industry that works off commission, so if they don’t receive any work, they don’t make money.

How do agencies promote you?

  • Agencies promote their models through 2 main routines…..
  • They send off their current model list to casting directors and industry professionals. Another form of doing this, is by issuing their clients with a pass-code to access model details on their website.
  • Clients will get in touch with agencies across the country or region and request appropriate models for a specific role type/ requirements. This is called a breakdown. They will specify what type of job it is for, eg: modelling assignments, film or TV work. Depending on the age group and criteria requested by the client, the agency will forward details of all models that are suitable. At this stage, due to the time involved, the agency will not get in touch with you before submitting your child as they always presume your child is available for work unless you have advised them otherwise. It is therefore important that you inform the agency when your child is not available, E.g. holidays, exams or for medical reasons, as it can become embarrassing for them to suggest a child only to find that they’re not able to do the casting on the dates required.
  • Once submitted, the client will look at the selection of portfolios forwarded to them and if they feel they would like to see any models suggested, they will then contact the agency and arrange to see your child at a casting. The agency will then contact you, giving you details of the job, and advise you of the time and location of the casting.

Things to keep in mind!

Agencies cannot guarantee anyone with work! However they will always try to obtain work for you. As this is a commission based industry, if they do not make you any money, they do not make money themselves.

  • Agencies only hear back from their clients, eg: casting director, if they wish to meet a model for a casting.
  • Agencies will normally only be in touch with you when they have a casting. They will not normally call to advise what work you have been promoted for. They will be very busy promoting the children for work and won’t generally have the time to call each individual regarding work they have not obtained….. Please do not think they are not bothering to promote you …… remember it is within their interest, financially to get you work!
  • Agencies may receive work for you with only a day or two notice. Please remember, you can turn down work of all types, be it due to late notice or personal preference.
  • Please also note, if you were to obtain a casting, the agency shall provide you with all detail, however it is your responsibility to find the most convenient way in which to get to the casting and to be there on time.

It can be hard work!

  • Work in this industry can be tough, perhaps having to attend many castings in locations in and around London before being chosen for a job.
  • Dedication by parent and child is required. If a model is to succeed the parent must be reliable, punctual and efficient. No matter how good a child may be, they must have the backing of a responsible adult who is able to be flexible and take them along to castings, often at very short notice. Please also be aware that although a child’s education is obviously of highest priority, occasionally times for casting and jobs can unavoidably clash with school hours. It is your responsibility to check with your school as to their consent with the child missing any school time.

When applicable, agencies always endeavour to obtain an audition fee* for you, however, sometimes the cient may not be offering an audition fee, which would mean all expenses are payable by you. Although the experience of castings is great for the child, the financial reward is little or none.

Although an agency would not accept you onto the books if they did not feel we would be able to get work for you, ultimately, it is the clients and casting directors who make the final decisions on each assignment. Following the casting, if your child gets selected for a job in a commercial, TV, film etc the money will reflect the amount of work they do. Depending on the role this can on occasion be very rewarding, however, agencies will stipulate, please DO NOT get involved in the industry if all you are after is financial reward.  an audition fee, otherwise known as a casting fee is a small amount that casting directors and clients sometimes offer to the model/parent to help cover travel expenses. This is normally around the amount of £15-£18 for a standard casting however recalls etc will offer more…please see Rates breakdown for more details.


  • A licence is required for children under the ages of 16 who are confirmed for a final job. IT IS NOT REQUIRED UNTIL THIS TIME!
  • A licence is a legal document that allows a child to work on a certain project, on a certain date, between certain times.
  • A licence comprises of a few elements which an agency shall require you to obtain. These are:
  • A Part 1 Form. This is a form the client completes, including the details of the work. Eg: Times, locations etc.
  • A Part 2 form This form is filled out by the parent/guardian and requires the child’s personal details, eg: date of birth, full name, gender etc etc.
  • A doctor’s letter. This letter is to advise the child is medically fit to work. (These forms expire every 6 months) Please bare in mind, some surgeries do charge for this letter and it is your responsibility to cover the cost.
  • A school letter. This is to advise that the school has given permission for the child to attend the job if it clashes with school hours. (This letter expires every 6 months) 
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • 2 x passport photos of the child

Once these forms are collated, the agency will normally ask you to send them, all together, to your local child employment centre under your local council. Eg: Buckinghamshire’s is based in Aylesbury.

The agency shall provide you with the contact details and address etc of the council and may even ask that these forms are kept up-to-date so that once a job is obtained, the licence can be applied for immediately, without any delay on awaiting doctor’s signatures etc.

Introducing Bizzykidz

Bizzykidz is the UK's largest child model Agency & talent agency based just outside London, UK, established in 1996. Their highly experienced team are returned to time and time again by some of the biggest names in the industry when seeking child models, newborns, children & teenagers. Bizzykidz have featured in BBC documentaries and appeared on several news programmes and acted as advisory to numerous directors on TV and Radio. Their child models feature in catalogues, magazines and on packaging, as well as appearing in major feature films, on stage, TV soaps, commercials, dramas, pop videos and idents.

LEAP’s relationship with Bizzykidz ...

Apply to LEAP if you are interested in agency work. Mrs Gutteridge will assess your child for the application process on behalf of Bizzykidz.

Parents shall fill out a modelling or commercial application form and Mrs Gutteridge shall write a character reference.

Bizzykidz usual rate is £140 for parents who supply their own images when joining. They would however, would be happy to offer LEAP’s talented pupils less than half that rate, at £60, payable annually. THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE OFFER TO LEAP STUDNETS ONLY*

If, at time of agency renewal, the child is no longer with LEAP, you shall be required to pay the full fee of £140.

Bizzykidz would be happy to supply necessary photography and supply of 4 images (2 head shots and 2 full lengths) to the agency at their studios for just £40 per child. Parents are able to purchase high res copy of those images for a further £20, so if you wanted the images taken and supplied it would be £60 in total - payable on the day at the studio on arrival.

All parents would need to sign a licence application form on the day.

Images, annual fee should be updated annually when renewing membership with Bizzykidz

As of tomorrow, the application process is open with the intention of holding our first studio shoot, for those registering with Bizzykidz, in January 2011.

LEAP shall organise travel for the pupils, at a small cost, to and from the Bizzykidz studio. This is of course optional.

Pupils may apply throughout the LEAP year, at any time.