School of Performing Arts Behaviours

LEAP believes that in order to fully engage in an arena of performance opportunities, courtesy, consideration and discipline are essential. Performing Arts especially requires this focus and pupils will be expected to embrace such conduct, applying themselves in an appropriate manner.

The school ensures that positive behaviour is the stimulus for creative and motivating material, supported in a friendly and safe environment where children can achieve and prepare for future development.

If negative behaviour should occur, the pupil will be firstly warned by the class facilitator. If misconduct continues the pupil will be excluded from the activity and the parent will be contacted. As a final resort, if conduct does not significantly improve, the pupil will be requested to leave the school (please note fees will not be refunded).


  • Positive conduct will be expected at all times
  • Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated
  • Respect for the premises is essential
  • Children must not leave the building unless escorted by a recognised adult
  • Uniform should be correctly worn at all times and labelled
  • No jewellery to be worn during classes
  • Long hair must be neatly tied back
  • Folders must be brought to every lesson, clearly labelled with the pupil's name
  • Mobile phones must be turned off during classes
  • The school will not take responsibility for the loss of valuables
  • Unless invited for a performance, friends and relatives will not be permitted to observe classes
  • Food is not to be consumed in class and only bottled water with sports-caps is accepted
  • The premises and grounds have a no smoking policy and this should be respected
  • If required during classes, all prescribed medication must be clearly labelled and registered at the beginning of term