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Each Saturday morning LEAP offers a Musical Theatre class running for approximately 3 hours. During this time our pupils will participate in a singing lesson, dance / movement class and dramatic performance session bringing the three disciplines of drama, singing and dance together.

We run: 

  • Junior (year 3 to 6) 
  • Intermediate (year 7 to 9)
  • Senior (year 10 plus)

groups which run parallel to one another throughout the morning. To ensure we maximise pupil’s enjoyment and their individual potential, places are limited to 30 per class.

Musical Theatre is the most collaborative form of the arts ...

... it's total theatre! It offers a colourful puzzle for the senses with each piece complete enough in its artistry to fulfil a prescribed function, but as if by magic when assembled together it welcomes a spontaneous display of audience reactions which it builds on, thrives upon and learns from. Peoples' reactions are more anitmated then in real life, as a musical or song raises the listener to a higher artistic level than ordinary speech. Once your child experiences the conventions of song, they are free to respond not just to the words of a character, but to the rich subtext of thoughts and feelings suggested by the music - it certainly has a feel good factor!

There is a wealth of wonderful show-stopping musicals out there to explore and here at LEAP we endeavour to provide our pupils with the ability to train in all three disciplines of the performing arts to explore such theatre. We believe that by introducing children to such splendid songs from these magical shows achieves status beyond that of a scene, the song becomes the scene, its essence, its purpose, its drama. Total theatre pursues extraordinary objectives through total assault on the senses, opening up to the pupils the striking avenues of sound, colour and movement - not only will it keep you fit, but it's a complete and enjoyable team experience!

Please click here for our musical theatre timetable.